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Dancer / Choreographer / Composer

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Participates in MiniaturesOfficinae project : Danse à deux


After a decade of musical practice as a percussionist, Said chose to aim his life toward contemporary dance, by attending training classes ran, among others, by George Appaix, Hella Fatoumi, Sam Louwick, Bernardo Montet, Mathilde Monnier, or Fatou Traore.

In 2002 he created his first solo play “Wahda”, which questions the relationship between the body and the environment/surroundings. Still in 2002, he joined Tawfiq Izeddiou and Bouchra Ouizguen to found “ANANIA” the first Moroccan contemporary dance company, with the play “Fina Ken’ti…” in which he acts as a dancer interpreter.

While teaching in the training program “Al Moktaban” set up by the company “ANANIA” he was invited by the Choreographic Centre in Montpellier, to take part in the PURSUES 2004 training. At that time he met several dance artists such as Mark Tempkins, Steave Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Emmanuelle Huyn, Luis Hayet, Dominic Brown, or Odil Duouk… He then focused on the musical pattern of Tawfiq Izeddiou’s creation “Un Coeur sans corps” (Heart without a body), and at last worked on a new interpretation of “Wadha”.

Aside from these creations, Saïd took part in different interdisciplinary artistic exchanges projects, such as the creation of a choreographic “open dialogue” exchange platform, for Biella dance teachers in Italy, in collaboration with the Fondazione Pistoletto (love difference office).

“Crossborders” will tour in the Middle East (Lebanon, Israel, Palestine), offering a mix of dance, visual arts and some research on Moroccan Music, with Moroccan Increpacion Dance Co.

Saïd Aït El Moumen
Association Anania pour l’Art et la Culture
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