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~ International cooperation and networking
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L’Officina, atelier marseillais de production , is a non-profit organisation, that receives the financial support of the government for the production, creation and presentation of different forms of performing arts. Since he founded it in 1996, Cristiano Carpanini, director of the project, placed l’Officina on the international stage, particularly within his native country, Italy. In 1998, aware of the numerous obstacles that many dance choreographers have to overcome to broadcast their work across the territory, L’Officina decided to produce Dansem, contemporary dance in the Mediterranean area, an event that has since been organised and renewed each year in automn in Marseille and surroundings.

After more than ten years, the issues around which the festival was built are still the concern of L’Officina :
« - to provide the necessary conditions for the emergence of all forms of visual arts that are directly related to the physical and symbolic space around the Mediterranean area.
- to take part in the creation of works, projects, here and now, rather than showing plays on a linear timeline. To accompany projects, interdisciplinary and intercultural artistic research and encounters that aim at creating bridges and dialogue between people, visions and disciplines. »

L’Officina made the choice not to devote its actions to a specific place. The bet was: to work with people, here, in Marseilles, in the department, in the region, and beyond, in France and abroad. An ambitious bet, but it paid off. Thus we have assembled a group of structures throughout the region. To know more about the partner organizations ⇒ Venues page

Today our main concern is to rise awareness on these activities and the ties developed and activated across this territory whether near of far, between the brackets, in the cracks, the openings of the partner-theatres seasons, both faithful and volatile. Building with the available means.
L’Officina has thus worked in three directions : International cooperation and networking, Organisation and production of dansem, Advising and accompanying projects, and work with the audience through mediation.

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