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Dansem, contemporary dance in the Mediterranean area, is a yearly festival that aims at promoting and developing contemporary dance in the Mediterranean area.

Being aware of the obstacles the companies are confronted to concerning broadcasting, all over the country, L’Officina decided in 1998, to produce the first edition of DANSEM, an event that has been re-invented each year, in September-October in Marseille and around, and took place in theatre and various partners locations, that were renewd over the years. Nomadness is an act ; making the contemporary dance in the Mediteranean area flourish .

Around Dansem
Together with the event : workshops, films, work-in-progress presentations, painting exhibitions, seminars, public rehearsals enhance the festival. These actions are bound for a wide audience, but can be the object of a targeted mediation, artistic and eductionnal activities, for associations, professionals, or schools.

Encounter with the audience
Meeting the artists is often possible, after each performance, creating major interest from the audience. These encounters are organised unofficially, most likely in outter places, enabling a freed and more casual speech. These encounters create a time and space for exchange, offer an insight on the artistic universe of the choreographers and their aesthetic approach.

The 12th edition of Dansem will take place between the 27th of October and the 19th of December 2009, in Marseille and around, the event « Question de danse » held by the company Kelemenis&Cie will open the festival.

Dansem website : (programmation in process)

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